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 Match Commentary

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Backyard Bud
Backyard Bud

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PostSubject: Match Commentary   Match Commentary Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 5:00 am

Hey Guys, this is mainly for those that wish to be a future VGM here in WUW or those that are and need guidelines. So this is the Match Commentary.

Opening/Before match:

Okay, so before a match the commentators say something before the match starts. Depending on the match or the storyline will depend on what is said. We try to have each person speak twice or at least one speaking twice and one speaking once. Like below. The speech is placed after both men are announced and before the match starts.

Match Commentary Beforethematch


Okay, Now that we have got the opening down packed here is how the colours of our commentators work. First off, the names are Brandon Cooper and Andrew Punter. (we just use the first name in the show.) The colours are shown below and are needed to be put like that otherwise it will need to be edited.

Match Commentary Colours

Now, you guys know the colours part lets go into the set out.
(GAPS) Make sure you leave a gap between each person speaking (Not each line, just a new person speaking.)
Like below

Match Commentary Gapsj

Also, make sure that all commentary is in bold. It stand out more from match writing.

This is the big issue. Some people don't add enough. Match commentary doesn't just involve some at the start and some at the end of the match. NO! It is needed during the match. If you see a great move hit or someone starts to bleed. Bring the commentators in. When it seems like something might, happen (count out, pinfall but not every pinfall) Let the commentators in.
Check out the following graphic for a guideline.

Match Commentary Inmatchcom

So that is what is expected in match RP. Make sure there is enough quantity.


Ending is important in many ways. It tells us who won and talks a little about how the match went and if it was close or not. If it was a special match, or in this case a qualifying match, they can say they qualifyed for 'Blah Blah Blah'.
This is also a place to strengthen a feud or hype an upcoming segment or match.
I don't want to ruin the result of that match but you understand. Use the same formats as mentioned above and have about each person saying 2-3 things EACH.

Thanks for reading this and if you feel you can do it Pm and i'll tell you if a job is ready for you. If you need more info feel free to contact myself or Sam Haze.

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Cardiac Animal

Cardiac Animal

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PostSubject: Re: Match Commentary   Match Commentary Icon_minitimeSat May 07, 2011 4:23 am

now i understand a lil better. u said somthin bout the colors. i guess i didnt look here in the begining
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Match Commentary
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