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 Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage)

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Johnny Anderson

Johnny Anderson

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Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage) Empty
PostSubject: Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage)   Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage) Icon_minitimeSat May 07, 2011 4:02 pm

The camera comes to focus on a blank wall. It pans to the right, showing Johnny Anderson walking at a faster than usual pace. It can be seen from the expression on his face that he is a man on a mission, a very determined man on a mission. The cameraman follows Johnny Anderson for a few seconds, keeping the camera on him the entire time.

Cameraman: "Johnny, where are you going?"

Johnny Anderson stops. Suddenly, his expression changes into that of what you would expect from a friend. He turns slowly to his left, facing the cameraman, and begins his response.

Johnny Anderson: "You'll see. In fact..."

Johnny Anderson turns back to facing down the hallway. He leans to his left, seemingly looking for something on the wall. He spots what he was looking for and shifts his weight back to both feet. He turns back to face the cameraman.

Johnny Anderson: "It seems like we're almost there. Follow me if you want, but I think we all know why I going there. And if you don't you probably will when I get there."

Johnny Anderson turns away from the cameraman once more, facing down the hallway, and begins to walk, followed by the cameraman, who has the camera pointed at Johnny. After going a distance of about fifty feet, Johnny suddenly stops.

Cameraman: "Are you ok, Johnny?"

Johnny Anderson: "We're here."

Cameraman: "Where?"

Johnny Anderson: "Look for yourself."

The cameraman moves the camera onto his shoulder and begins to move his body to look around while the camera can still see. After a few seconds of looking for something, both the cameraman's eyes and the camera on his shoulder stop moving. The image that both the cameraman's eyes and the camera are focused on is none other than the door to the General Manager's office. The camera goes back to focusing on Johnny Anderson after three seconds of focusing on the door. Johnny turns to face the door and walks towards it. He twists the handle and pushes the door open. Johnny Anderson then walks towards Daniel DeWildt, who is seated in his chair behind the desk doing paperwork. Daniel moves the paperwork to the side and looks up when he hears the door being opened by Johnny Anderson.

Daniel DeWildt: "Johnny, nice to see you. Please, have a seat. Now, what is it that you have on your mind?"

Johnny Anderson: "Look, I've never been one to beat around the bush, so I'll get straight to the point. I want an Ultra Aggression Championship rematch with Derek."

Daniel DeWildt: "In all honesty, I expected you to say something like that. But I must ask you why."

Johnny Anderson: "Why what?"

Daniel DeWildt: "Why you would want a rematch with Derek Brown. I personally didn't see your guys' match, but I heard that you lost. I don't see why you wouldn't just accept that you can't beat Derek when it really counts and move on."

Daniel DeWildt shrugs. It can be seen from his expression that he is being annoyed by this interuption from Johnny Anderson.

Johnny Anderson: "While it's true that I lost, Derek was not the reason that I lost. If you were to go back and watch the Steel Cage match between him and myself, you would see that interference cost me the Ultra Aggression Championship."

Daniel DeWildt: "Wait... What do you mean interference? How would there be interference in a Steel Cage Match?"

Johnny Anderson: "To make a long story short, L.I.E. charged down to the ring just after Derek had hit me with a Javelin and he was starting to climb the cage on the side facing the announcers, you know, the one facing away from the entrance ramp. One of them broke the lock to the cage, he went in, the rest of the group followed, and they all started attacking me just as I was about to my feet to stop Derek from escaping the cage."

Daniel DeWildt: "I guess that makes sense. But I wonder why L.I.E. would do such a thing."

Johnny Anderson: "It doesn't matter why they did it. All that matters is that because of them, the Ultra Aggression Championship isn't where it belongs: With me. So, about my rematch?"

Daniel DeWildt: "How about this: I'll give you an Ultra Aggression Championship rematch against Derek Brown, but first you have to prove that you deserve that rematch."

Johnny Anderson: "And how do you want me to do that?"

Daniel DeWildt: "I'll put you in a match later tonight against a man of my choosing. If you win, you get your rematch in two weeks. And if you lose, you'll be fired."

Johnny Anderson: "Sounds perfect. But why in two weeks?"

Daniel DeWildt: "Because Derek suffered a slight injury last week at Caged Warriors, and in his match earlier tonight, he hurt it even more, and the doctor said that he definately won't be cleared to wrestle in the next week. And besides, we can't have our Ultra Aggression Champion suffer a career-threatening injury in a match in just seven days."

Johnny Anderson: "I think you mean our current Ultra Aggression Champion."

Daniel DeWildt: "Yes, our current Ultra Aggression Champion, although he'll likely hold onto that belt for a long while. So, do we have a deal?"

Daniel DeWildt stands up out of his chair. He then extends his right arm out to Johnny Anderson, offering a handshake. Johnny seems reluctant to shake Daniel's hand, but he takes the General Manager's hand firmly.

Johnny Anderson: "You know it."

Johnny Anderson and Daniel DeWildt finally shake hands, sealing the deal.

Daniel DeWildt: "Fabulous. Good luck in your match tonight."

Johnny Anderson: "Thanks, but we all know I won't need it."

Johnny Anderson turns around and walks towards the door. He opens the door once again, but this time to exit the General Manager's office. The camera fades out to Daniel DeWildt's scheming grin.

First off, is there any chance that this could be near the middle of the show? Also, could Derek have a match earlier on in the show (one match in between this and that match would work best)? That way the dialogue would have to be edited as little as possible, as that could jeopardize future plans.

Also, does anyone see any format errors? Things like wrong colors, alignment (to left, right, center). Should I center it to make it less of a hassle or does the fact that we have all of the show(s) centered make that pointless?
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Backyard Bud
Backyard Bud

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Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage)   Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage) Icon_minitimeSat May 07, 2011 11:42 pm

I didnt see any faults in and you don't need to centre it.

With the match earlier, he doesn't even need to have a match air, we can book him so he gets his appearance and money but we dnt need to air it on the show. He will be fine with that.
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Johnny Anderson

Johnny Anderson

Posts : 54
Join date : 2011-02-11
Age : 21
Location : Near Cincinnati, Ohio

Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage)   Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage) Icon_minitimeSun May 08, 2011 1:34 am

Ok then. Sounds good.
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Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage)   Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage) Icon_minitime

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Demanding Retribution (first High Voltage)
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