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 First LIE Promo Video {Didn't know where to put this}

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First LIE Promo Video {Didn't know where to put this} Empty
PostSubject: First LIE Promo Video {Didn't know where to put this}   First LIE Promo Video {Didn't know where to put this} Icon_minitimeMon May 09, 2011 11:12 am

{The Titantron starts to show bright white flashes until it becomes pitch black, A video clip is aired on the titantron. It shows CG Haspitas pinning Hiprock and then skips to when he starts holding the championship belt in the ring and starts to dance. It then cuts to another scene with King Whit-e and King Manu raising their hands with their tag team championship belt on their shoulders and then the clips stops and becomes pitch black once again but then a strange voice is heard}

???: "Hope" defeats "Fear", "Hope" can conquer "Fear", But "Judgement" squashes hope and drives us into fear...

{And then everything becomes silent}

Brandon: What is all this about? I mean was that CG, King Manu and King whit-e that was in those clips?

Andrew: Shut up! Just keep watching! This is exciting!

Brandon: What do you me-

{And then the titantron starts to air another clip. An animated King Whit-e face is shown on the monitor with a slight grin as the crowd starts to boo}

Andrew: Well now i'm really confused!

{King Whit-e face turns from left to right as though it was real before looking straight into the sky}

King Whit-e: Now that a new season has started {static starts to appear} we will show you why {King Whit-e voice starts to fill with static sound and becomes hard to understand}we... Greatest... and... No one will... {Suddenly the clip froze and the sentence "no one will" is being said repeatedly, We can hear several kids are crying in the crowd}

Brandon: Guess they didn't pay enough for the animation

Andrew: Again Shut up!

{The clip changes again and this time it is shown in the backstage with King Whit-e, King Manu and CG standing and staring at the camera with Melissa and their security standing behind them. King Whit-e walks up closer to the camera and then whispers}

King Whit-e: No one will... stop us!

{And then the titantron becomes black again}

Brandon: Wait so that's all?

Andrew: What do you mean that's all! This was greater then some hollywood films!

Brandon: How come we haven't seen King Arthur yet?

Andrew: How would I- oh look another clip is coming!

{The Titantron then comes back to the backstage but this time with only King Whit-e, King Manu and CG there.}

King Whit-e: No one will stop us... not even one of our own...

King Manu: Arthur lost his title match at Caged Warriors... and deserved punishment...

CG: Oohh ohh and did he got so punished!

King Whit-e: Let's just say... he is... at "Peace"

{They all smile before King Whit-e continues}

King Whit-e: Now I have one position available, If any individual... any one brave enough to audition for this spot... you know where we will be...

{The Titantron then turns to pitch black again but this time the word "LIE" slowly fades in and then quickly fades out. The Titantron then goes off}

Brandon: Oh my god! Don't tell me they.. they..

Andrew: Who cares! Look like I should start going to the gym more often.

Brandon: You can't seriously think of joining them!

Andrew: who in this {Censored} place wouldn't want to join them!

Brandon: Lets just carry on with the show.

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Backyard Bud
Backyard Bud

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First LIE Promo Video {Didn't know where to put this} Empty
PostSubject: Re: First LIE Promo Video {Didn't know where to put this}   First LIE Promo Video {Didn't know where to put this} Icon_minitimeMon May 09, 2011 11:28 am

OOC - You can then air another clip or write anther RP where you fire King Arthur because of his disgraceful loss against Natural Nate Neptune.
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First LIE Promo Video {Didn't know where to put this}
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