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 Best Wrestler: Titit_kecil

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Backyard Bud
Backyard Bud

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Best Wrestler: Titit_kecil Empty
PostSubject: Best Wrestler: Titit_kecil   Best Wrestler: Titit_kecil Icon_minitimeThu May 12, 2011 9:29 am

The lights in the arena all change direction and turn straight at the top of the entrance ramp where a podium with red cloth drooping over it is standing. Behind the podium is General Manager of Worlds Ultimate Wrestling, Daniel DeWildt.

GM Daniel: Hello and welcome everyone to tonight's show. It is of course the Awards Show we have many awards to give out this time round. The same awards as last season will be awarded tonight and another couple have been added. It is sure to be a great night that is for sure.

The crowd cheers and starts banging on the chairs and barricades.

GM Daniel: The first award I will be presenting is the Best Wrestler of Season 2. It was a tough decision between 2 men but I think this man certainly deserves it. Can I get a drum roll please.

The crowd joins in by bagging on the barricades faster and faster until the GM raises his hand.

GM Daniel: Best Wrestler of Season 2 goes to...

Andrew: Again! That's two seasons in a row Brandon. How is that fair?

Brandon: He hasn't lost a match Andrew. That is why.

Andrew: I still don't think he deserved it. What about Mean Machine, Derek Brown, even King White was more worthy.

Brandon: Mr. T is also champion, nothing can be taken away from him. He is the best wrestler in WUW for 2 seasons straight.

Titit_kecil makes his way out to the arena where he stands in front of GM Daniel DeWildt. He grabs the trophy off Daniel and shakes his hand.

Titit: 2 seasons straight. I need someone to stop me. Derek Brown, you've got your chance on High Voltage. For one show only, im coming to High Voltage to represent Ultimate Aggression, and beat you my friend.

Titit_kecil walks backstage to his music and the cheers of the crowd.

GM Daniel: And we'll be back after the break with more action and awards on WUW: Awards Show.

The camera fades out to a black.
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Best Wrestler: Titit_kecil Empty
PostSubject: Re: Best Wrestler: Titit_kecil   Best Wrestler: Titit_kecil Icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 4:34 am

Titit Kecil : " First of all. I'd like to say thank you to all of you. The one who always cheering me, or the one who always "boo" me, you are really get my adrenaline on. "

* The crowd are cheering Mr.T name like crazy. *

Brandon Cooper : " What a cheer from people to Mr.T" "

Andrew Punter : " Agree and i am happy too. His mom are here and she is cute. "

Brandon Cooper : " Where, Andrew i can't she her? "

Andrew Punter : " You must use, Hotties radar to see her, Brandon. "

Brandon Cooper : " What...!? "

Andrew Punter : " Shhht. Mr.T are gonna said another words. "

Titit Kecil : " This Best Wrestler award i dedicated to my mom, who always be there when i need her. Second is to my best friend, my horse Risa. I promise to you all people that i am not done yet. I will become greater and greater each day. So you you all will never ever forget my name.... Mr.T. "

* The crowd are cheering Mr.T name like Crazy. *

Titit Kecil : " Last month i promise someone that i will survive my match, hold my World No Limits Champion title. As you all know i did survive, and he did too. So in front of you all. I Challange the National Champion Derek Brown to fight again with me in Last Man Standing match, so you all will know who is the best wrestler He or Me. "

Brandon Cooper : " Challange deliver "

Andrew Punter : " What are you dion Brandon?. Do a Challange delivery services? "

Titit Kecil : " You Better Believe In Me [The Crowd are sing along with Mr.T say you better belive in me] "

* Mr.T smile to fact that the people here are sing along with him *

Titit Kecil : " Or..... [The people still sing along with him] "

Titit Kecil : " Get Shocked......... "

* The crowd are cheering Mr.T name like Crazy. *

* Mr.T song and movie clip are playing. Mr.T raise his hand and his World No Limits Champion belt! And Go to the backstage. *
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Best Wrestler: Titit_kecil
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