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 Gameover is here.

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Gameover is here. Empty
PostSubject: Gameover is here.   Gameover is here. Icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 8:10 am

Name: Gameover
Nicknames: "The Game-Ender." "The man, who loves to end games."
Face or Heel: Heel.
Height : 184cm.
Weight: 230 lbs
Country: Estonia.
Ring attire: Black suit and Sunglasses while backstage.
During the matches, long pants (one side has written Game and other Over.), wrestling boots and white non-finger gloves.

Gimmick: Very cocky wrestler, uses sneak attacks and does everything there is to win. He likes to call himself the best submission wrestler in the world. He humiliates his opponents, argues woth referees and during his segments he insults the fans.

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Gameover is here.
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